Dear Customers, It is our mission to beautify the space we live by – with light, color and form. Over the last two decades, and with your help, we have created a festive atmosphere in thousands of places in Poland, Europe and around the world. During Christmas season, everyone, regardless of the stage of life, can appreciate this magical vibe that surrounds us. Calm yet majestic atmosphere provokes to see beauty in every little detail. In this unique time, every urban space will become a land of dreams – gleaming palette of warm and cool colors that reminds everyone of what fades away in the rush of everyday life. We encourage you to immerse in nostalgic images and let yourself be seduced by the magic of our glittering illuminations. Our fantastic festive constructions, such as walk-through gifts and distinctive masterpiece decorations, will strengthen these impressions. Ornamental cross street displays and shimmering façade compositions have power to relieve the carefree joy in everyone. Our products will emphasize the uniqueness of urban spaces (including Christmas markets and open ice rinks, parks). Emotions painted with light have been sparking our creativity for over 25 years and motivate us to continue working on attractive decorative designs. We are proud that we can continue to do so, co-working with current and new clients. Thank you. IPB podpis